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Ferrous - Melting Fluxes
Slag Holding Compounds

Slag – Stick / DS-100 / Ulite-30
In case of Scrap melting, Slag is generated due to various impurities in scrap. This slag if not removed will cause Slag-Inclusions in castings causing rejections. These slag inclusions can be easily removed by using Slag-Stick-30.

  • Slag can be removed by using S-S-30 /DS-100 either at Furnace level by sprinkling S-S-30 / DS-100 powder granuals on the surface of molten metal.
  • S-S-30/DS-100 swells and becomes viscous and sticky at 1100-1400 deg. cent. It coagulates all slag particles which can be removed with the help of a steel rod.
  • Also S-S-30/DS-100 forma an insulating layer at the top of surface and prevent temperature loss due to radiation. It also acts as desulphuriser. In case of S.G. Iron S-S-30/DS-100 should be used after Magnesium treatment, which generates slag.
  • S-S-30/DS-100 is also recommended to be used at ladle level / small ladles used for pouring Cost effective grade
  • Ulite-30 are also available with lower fusing temperatures.

In order to achieve the desire mechanical properties in iron castings the liquid iron must have the correct composition, and it must also contain suitable nuclei to induce the correct graphite structure to form on solidification.

The liquid iron must have a suitable "Graphitization Potential", determined mainly by its carbon equivalent value.

Inoculants are alloy added in small amount to induce eutectic graphite nucleation. Without the presence of suitable nuclei, liquid iron will under cool below the eutectic temperature.

Uninoculated grey iron castings will contain :

  • Under cooled form of graphite, and associated with this will be fernite cementite in their sections or close to edges and corners.
  • Such iron is unlikely to meet tensile and hardness specification and will be difficult to machine.

Shamlax offers two types of inoculants :-

  1. Ladle Inoculants (Exoinoc-25)Size : 2 – 5 mm
  2. Stream Inoculants (Exoinoc-50) Size : 0 – 2 mm

Exoinoc-25 is a ladle inoculant & should be always added to the metal stream when tapping from furnace to ladle, or ladle to ladle. Addition should begin when ladle is one quarter full.

Exoinoc-50 is a stream inoculant which is added to the liquid cast iron just before it enters the mould. Late stream inoculation techniques leads to the virtual elimination of fading.

  • DS – 359 is a proprietary de-sulphuriser for reduction of sulphur in steel melt.
  • DS-459 is a grade for achieving very low sulphur levels.

DP-10 is a proprietary de-phosphoriser for reduction of phosphorous in steel melt. It is recommended to add DP-10 in furnace with basic lining in stages and deslag with Slag-Stick so that phosphorous picked-up by the slag does not re-enter the liquid metal.

Slag Conditioner - SC-2530EX

SC-2530EX is proprietary slag conditioner for steel making. The art of steel making is the art of Slag making. Slag behavior mainly depends on the steel manufacturing process, melting practice, grades of input steel, etc. Since process changes from plant to plant, slag behavior also changes.

Slag conditioners are used to form a foaming slag which,

  • Can remove non metallic inclusions.
  • Remove sulphur impurities.
  • Slag acts as a barrier for H2, N2, & O2 pick–up.
  • Reduces heat losses due to radiation.

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